Certificates in General Education for Adults Review

The Certificates in General Education for Adults are being reaccredited during 2012/2013. The reaccreditation will take into account any impact of the Foundation Skills Training Package, currently under development.

Phase 1 of the reaccreditation process focused on research and consultation with key stakeholders and was completed in June.

The project is now entering phase 2 which will involve the redevelopment of the curriculum. The reaccredited curriculum is scheduled for publication on the Training Support Network website in April 2013. A focus group was held in Melbourne on 9 August to consult on potential changes to the curriculum.

For more information contact the Curriculum Maintenance Manager (CMM) Service General Studies and Further Education at sicmm.generalstudies@vu.edu.au or by phone on 99195300/5302.

Watch the CGEA Network Google Group for opportunities to contribute to the Western Australian input.