WA Adult Literacy Council 2015

The WA Adult Literacy Council is pleased to announce that the 2015 State Conference will be held at Central Institute of Technology on 16th and 17th April, 2015. The conference is titled Great Expectations: literacy, the individual and the economy.

Please note that the conference is at a different time of year from formerly. Put the date in your diary now!



Conferences coming up

No details on the website yet,but the next Australian WELL Practitioners’ Conference this has been postponed from November and will now take place in Hobart on the 19th, 20th and 21st of March 2014. Watch the events page on the WELL website for further updates.

The National Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Assessment Conference 2014 will be held in Melbourne on May 1st and 2nd 2014

The next Western Australian Adult Literacy Council state conference is planned for April 2015.  That’s a different time of the year than usual and there won’t be one in 2014.


Conferences ahead!

Registration is still open for this year’s 2013 Australian Council for Adult Literacy (ACAL) Conference “Local Practices Global Contexts” to be held in Sydney from September 30th to October 2nd

If you are looking for opportunities to attend a conference that is totally free without having to travel at all from the comfort of home then explore the Reform Symposium e-Conference. This is a cross-sectoral global online conference (using BlackboardCollaborate) that runs for three days. For us the dates are Saturday 10th October to Monday 14th of October and in our TimeZone (TZ) the sessions run overnight from evening to morning.  There are sessions to suit all educators and recordings are available later if something you are really interested is in the middle of our night. Many but not all, of the sessions are about technology as tool for learning. There will be many concurrent sessions (including some by Aussie educators and many by ESL specialists). Some of the best known connected educators in the world are presenting Keynotes.

For anyone with the urge to travel registration is also open for the 2013 US Conference on Adult Literacy “Together, leading change” is being held October 31st  to November 2nd in Washington, D.C.

Also coming up – there are no details on the website yet, is the next Australian WELL Practitioners’ Conference this has been postponed from November and will now take place in Hobart on the 19th, 20th and 21st of March 2014. Watch the events page on the WELL website for further updates.

The next Western Australian Adult Literacy Council state conference is planned for April 2015.  That’s a different time of the year than usual and there won’t be one in 2014.


2012 NSW ALNC Conference 10 December, 2012

Reading the digital word, to read the digital world?

2012 NSW Adult Literacy and Numeracy Council  (NSWALNC) Conference 10 December, 2012

The theme of the 2012 NSWALNC conference is: Reading the digital word, to read the digital world. The conference will work with a ‘twist’ of Paulo Freire’s idea of literacy – that we read the word in order to read the world we live in.  Conference participants will consider what this means in our contemporary context, as forms of reading have expanded dramatically with the introduction of new media and technologies. What has changed about literacy, what hasn’t? What does this mean for literacy teaching? (And of course,what does this mean for numeracy?)

The conference will feature keynote addresses by Professor Robyn Jorgensen on numeracy, and Helen De Silva Joyce on visual literacy.

For further information, email nswlanc@gmail.com

Conferences! WA, Interstate, or International?

WAALC Conference • 11-12 July, 2012

Central Institute of Technology Perth

At the heart of the matter – identity and trust in adult learning

As the OECD becomes convinced that the best performing education systems are those that strive for equity and quality, Australia continues to put its faith in the power of measurement and accountability to deliver ‘market changes’ that will improve outcomes in all our education sectors. This conference will place people – teachers and learners – at the heart of educational quality.  We want to move away from framing debates around policy imperatives, economic outcomes and abstractions such as ‘core skills’ or ’employability skills’.  We are asking the question: what makes learning work for people?

What causes a person to be able to learn? How do people develop resilience? What does it take to build confidence? What is it that teachers need to know and understand about their adult learners and their learner’s lives? How do differences between the identities of teachers and those of their learners impact on relationships and learning? How can teachers develop relationships with learners that enable them to understand how a person thinks and feels and does things? How will they use this understanding to create environments in which people can more successfully learn?

And what of the people who are teachers? What do teachers need from the system so that they can continue their own learning? What skills and knowledge do beginning teachers need – does initial training provide these? How can teachers use the variety of strengths they find in their students to harness learning energy? How can teachers consciously build social capital in their learning environments as a basis for and outcome of learning? How can teachers get support from their peers?

Develop a proposal now if you have information to share that will renew our focus on the heart of the matter: ways of working that meet the needs of learners and, as a natural result, achieve better outcomes for the wider society as well.

Call for papers closes 24 April 2012



ACAL Conference – Joining the Pieces: Literacy and Numeracy – one part of the picture

19-21 Sept • Hobart

The 2012 ACAL conference will explore three key questions about adult literacy and numeracy. These questions are about how we connect, co-operate and create.

Submit a proposal for a session that will:

  • stimulate thought and discussion on relevant issues and practice
  • be interactive and encourage dialogue
  • display innovation and flexibility in practice/research
  • demonstrate effective practice in a range of settings
  • exemplify adult learning principles
  • critique changes in state and federal government policies and priorities
  • communicate developments and findings in research and research practices.

Proposals are due by 12 May, 2012



VALBEC Annual conference  ‘Read the word, Read the world •  May 25 2012

Venue: William Angliss Conference Centre Melbourne

The program offers plenary sessions and a choice from fourteen workshops. Keynote speaker is Rowena Allen ACFE Chair.

Registrations are now open



Australian Council of TESOL Associations International TESOL Conference (ACTA) •  Cairns •  3rd to 5th July 2012

‘TESOL as a Global Trade – Ethics, Equity and Ecology’


Pre-conference symposium Monday 2 July 2012 at the Cairns Convention Centre

‘Teaching and learning pronunciation: Local and global perspectives on research and practice’


Complete your registration and payment now to be eligible for the Early Bird discount registration.
Registration fees will be increased by $100 after the 20th April.
Registration to the Pronunciation Symposium held on the 2nd July is an
optional extra. Special discounts are offered to those attending the


International Conference of Adults Learning Mathematics

The 19th International Conference of Adults Learning Mathematics – A Research Forum (ALM19) is to be held in Auckland, New Zealand, from Tuesday June 26 to Friday June 29 2012.

ALM is an international organisation which brings together practitioners and researchers who are involved in mathematics and numeracy education for adult learners in order to inform policy and practice. Information about the conference, the call for papers and registration are available at: http://literacyandnumeracyforadults.com/Professional-Development/Conferences/2012-ALM19-Conference


2012 ACAL conference in Hobart


This year’s Australian Council of Adult Literacy (ACAL) conference is in Hobart on 19-21 september 2012.

This year’s theme is Joining the Pieces: Literacy and Numeracy- one part of the picture

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It is time to be thinking about what we want to highlight about adult literacy and numeracy from a WA perspective so we are ready to respond when the call for papers opens.

Funding will be available to support travel and accommodation under the Adult Literacy and Numeracy Sponsorship program. Funding for the national conferences is competitive so not everyone can be supported.However, if you are presenting a session you are more likely to receive a sponsorship.