Conferences in the next few months

NEXT WEEK Australian Workplace Practitioners’ Network (AWPN) Conference 2015 Refresh, Rebrand, Re-engage: Foundation Skills at Work to be held 18-20 March 2015

WA Adult Literacy Council 2015 State Conference at Central Institute of Technology on 16th and 17th April, 2015. The conference is titled Great Expectations: literacy, the individual and the economy.

The 25th biennial conference Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT) will be held 6–8 July 2015 in Adelaide, SA. The theme is “Mathematics: Learn, Lead, Link”

ACER Research Conference 2015 – Learning assessments: Designing the future. 16-18 August, Crown, Southbank, Melbourne
A conference to connect  teachers, education leaders and policy makers with the latest assessment research to inform teaching and learning.

ACAL National conference 2015 – Resilience, Risk, Preservation – held held at the Adelaide Zoo in  Adelaide on 24th and 25th September 2015.


ALaN Network Facilitators appointed for 2012

The Department of Training and Workforce Development (DTWD) has once again provided some paid time to support the WA Adult Literacy and Numeracy (ALAN)  Network.  Seven facilitators were appointed for 2012 and they will undertake a range of functions designed to develop our membership and services.

Facilitators will focus on keeping up to date in a particular area (eg Adult literacy, Indigenous education, adult numeracy, online tools, ESL) as well as providing more general assistance to members to help us get the most from our online community.

The 2012 ALaN Network Facilitators are:

Chantal Adams – Kimberley Training Institute

Jo Hart  – C.Y. O’Connor Institute

Matthew Highman  – Polytechnic West

Dani Murray – independent, ex-Centacare Employment and Training

Helen Smith – Durack Institute of Technology

William Griffiths – Great Southern Institute of Technology

Sue Brennan – Central Institute of Technology

You can communicate with this group by responding to this blog or by posing questions on the CGEA Network Google Group (members only).  They will respond as availability allows. Each facilitator brings a unique set of expertise so by posing your question to all of us, you can get information from different perspectives: urban, country, different class types and funding sources, and different backgrounds and experience.

Other members are encouraged to contribute as well – and if you enjoy it, perhaps you would like to nominate yourself for next year’s paid roles.

Submitted by Cheryl Wiltshire, WA ALaN Network Coordinator



Supporting the ALaN Network

Are you an ideas person? Do you always have the latest goss that others need to know? If the “goss” includes information about the adult literacy and numeracy field, you might be just the person we are looking for as a ALaN Network facilitator.

Proposals are sought now to provide ongoing support during the 2012 calendar year for the Adult Literacy and Numeracy (ALaN) Network in Western Australia. You could be  paid to keep up to date and share what you find with others.

A number of roles are required, each advertised separately with unique responsibilities and selection criteria. provision of advice about resources, curricula, teaching strategies and professional development as relevant to members of the Network.

The application forms are on the CGEA Network  Google Documents (members only) or  contact Cheryl Wiltshire on cheryl.wiltshire@  (remove space in address)

ALaN Network Google Group and Google Docs

Other ALaN Network  services

The ALaN WA Edublog is the public face of the ALaN Network in Western Australia – available to everyone on the net.  Our other services require you to be have a Google account and an invitation to be a member of our group. Membership is free and we encourage everyone who teaches adult literacy and numeracy in Western Australia to join.  People from other locations can apply to join as a guest.

If you aren’t already a member, see below.

CGEA Network – Google Group

The Certificates of General Education for Adults (CGEA) is one of the most used courses for adults and adolescents developing their literacy and numeracy skills in Australia.  The course was implemented in WA in 1994 and there has been a network to support teachers right from the start, known as the CGEA Network.

Since 2007,  the CGEA Network Google Group has been our key method of collaboration.  The Google Group offers a discussion board where members of the CGEA Network can post questions (e.g. relating to the curriculum, to moderation of anything to do with Adult Literacy and Numeracy) or comments. All members can add to the discussions or give their opinions on questions raised.  This year for the first time, we have some funding for  ALaN Facilitators to encourage participation in our online activities.

Messages are saved according to the date of the message, but if you are looking for information on a particular topic (e.g. accreditation), you can type this into the search box and all messages regarding accreditation will be displayed.

All members can access the membership list to see if there are any other teachers in their area and can email them directly if they wish to.

All members can invite new members, or you can ask an ALaN facilitator to help you with it.

CGEA Network Files – Google Docs

Your membership of the CGEA Network Google Group also provides access to some collections of files saved in Google Documents.  Files that were created in the first three years of the Google group have been moved here to a collection called 2008-2010 files. ALaN Model Activities contains a colelction of moderated atsks

Current files are being loaded to the 2011 CGEA Network Files. This contains individual folders (collections) for

  • Resource Ideas (contains lists of useful websites and resources developed and shared by CGEA teachers. We are encouraging teachers to use the VBQU number in the title to make it easier to identify units.
  • Professional Development (details of forthcoming PD and files from events)
  • Moderation
  • Teaching and Assessment Tools
  • Integrated Resources

All members can access these files and can download and upload documents.  If you save files in Google format, joint editing online is possible. The files are copyright free but we encourage you to upload new versions you create so others can benefit.

In 2011, no moderation samples were shared among members, but we hope that in 2012 moderation samples will start to be uploaded and that members can share more issues form their internal organisational moderation activities.  We also have access to webconferencing via BlackboardCollaborate (Elluminate Live!) to resolve  issues or to bring together people who are isolated.

Problem Solving

If anyone is having any issues joining or accessing the Google Group, they can contact any of the ALaN facilitators, who will help them.

Some members have experienced problems with uploading documents. Sometimes this results from using Internet Explorer.  If you are having problems, first try using a different browser (e.g. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox).  If this doesn’t help, ask for help in the CGEA Network Google Group.

If you would like to become a member of the Google Group then please complete and submit the form on the How to Join the GoogleGroup page