Professional Learning coming up in WA

Introduction to CGEA Part 1 workshop delayed

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the 11th March workshop, Introduction to CGEA Part 1 ,  is delayed.  The Semester 1 workshop will now be Wednesday 6th May 2015.  Semester 2 is still on Wednesday 12th August. More details and registration through the DTWD website.

Tracks to Two-Way Learning Induction

On Thursday 9 April and Friday 10 April 2015 at Statewide Services Resource and information Centre, 33 Giles Avenue, Padbury. This course is “An introduction to leading professional learning in Aboriginal English and Two-Way bidialectal education.” It is “relevant for educators working in all phases of schooling and training, including VET language and literacy teachers; and of benefit to people working in other systems and sectors who deal with Aboriginal clients.” The flyer has more details and the registration form

Teach Me Grammar 2015

A new program for Teach Me Grammar will start in July. If you are interested in Teach Me Grammar visit Teach Me Grammar Program 2015 to get more information and the application form.