IBSA Foundation Skills projects status update


It is all systems go at IBSA on the foundations skills front!

Here is brief status report to help you keep up.

The Foundation Skills Training Package  was released in draft form at the end of April. Feedback is now being considered. Western Australia hosted webinars that were reviewed by the project team so hopefully we should have some impact on improving the next version.  We are expecting a draft of the companion volume in July and the Training Package itself to be complete by September.

Work is proceeding  to implement the unit TAELLN401A as core in Cert IV TAA.  This will mean that all vocational practitioners will be required to demonstrate a basic understanding of a range of ways to meet the literacy, English language and numeracy needs of students seeking vocational qualifications. The skills profile needed for trainers and assessors of this unit

 Scoping of a Certificate IV for delivery/assessment of Foundation Skills has commenced. Feedback is due by 22 June 2012

The discussion paper proposes that this qualifaction is not for specialist literacy practioners but for those in the workforce who require a broader understanding of foundation skills to fulfil their VET sector role. Examples suggested are people writing currciulum and learning resources, those wishing to work better in a team teaching role with a LLN specialist and lead practioners.

Vocational Graduate Certificate and Vocational Graduate Diploma are also being discussed.

To get the full details and more information about what is happening in this area visit  IBSA’s current projects site


IBSA scope new TAE qualification

Certificate IV qualification for the delivery and assessment of foundation skills

IBSA is scoping the development of a Certificate IV qualification for the delivery and assessment of foundation skills. The proposed qualification would form part of the TAE 10 Training Package.

A consultation paper is available on the IBSA website. IBSA welcome group responses to the consultation paper and encourage interested stakeholders to get together with their colleagues to discuss the proposed Certificate.

IBSA has workshop notes and feedback forms available to support this process and can potentially be involved in group discussions via telephone. Contact Anita Roberts anita@ibsa.org.au to access workshop materials.

Responses are due by 22 June 2012.

Check out Version 4 CGEA now!

Version 4 of the CGEA has now been released containing the changes to the numeracy units as proposed late in 2011.

Download the new version from the Training Support Network in Victoria.

The changes include:

Most of the  numeracy units have been reviewed and restructured.  Unit titles for Certificate II units have been modified and content has been revised including the expansion of the Critical Aspects of Evidence and revision of the Skills and Knowledge towards making them more explicit to the unit content.  This also means they have new numbers.

Unit titles at Certificate level III have not changed. Content of the units has been reviewed but there have been no structural changes to the units and the nominal hours have not changed. Changes to the numeracy units at these levels have also been made to reflect the current revisions to the Numeracy component of the revised Australian Core Skills Framework. (Extract from Version History on page 4 of curriculum document downloaded 29/02/2012).

WA Implementation

The new Numeracy and Maths Units have now been assigned WA subject index numbers (SIN) and the new course structures are now available on VETinfoNet: see http://www.vetinfonet.det.wa.edu.au/home/default.aspx


Students enrolled before July 1 2012 are able to complete the numeracy units in which they are enrolled. However RTOs are encouraged to make the revised numeracy units available to students prior to July 1 2012. Students enrolled on or after July 1 2012 must complete the revised numeracy units.

Please share changes you notice as you review this revised curriculum.

Introductory Vocational Education Certificates (IVEC) replaced

South Australia now uses the Certificate 1 in Education and Skills Development  (code: National – 40650SA, State-AC00024 ) and Course in AUSLAN and General Education for Sight Language Users (code: National – 40651SA, State-AC00025) as their main general education courses.  Introductory Vocational Education Certificates  (IVEC) are now superseded.

Western Australia imported some modules from the Introductory Vocational Education Certificates  (IVEC) to use in Certificate 1 in Entry to General Education (EGE). The imported modules don’t need  to be replaced until the next accreditation of EGE. However, if you use any other electives drawn from IVEC, you will need to check for the current version in the Certificate 1 in Education and Skills Development.

Curriculum documents are available by emailing Sarah.Donnell@sa.gov.au


CGEA extension to end 2012

The Victorian Curriculum Maintenance Managers (CMMs) advised in their December 2011 Newsletter that the Certificates in General Education for Adults (CGEA) has been formally extended for 12 months.
The following qualifications now expire on 31 December 2012:
  • 21770VIC Course in Initial General Education for Adults

  • 21771VIC Certificate I in General Education for Adults (Introductory)

  • 21772VIC Certificate I in General Education for Adults

  • 21773VIC Certificate II in General Education for Adults

  • 21774VIC Certificate III in General Education for Adults

Keep an eye out for opportunities to participate in a review of the CGEA this year.
We are still waiting to hear whether the changes proposed as a result of the review of the Mathematics units late last year have been accepted.
If you have an idea for a change to the CGEA, please add it as a comment on this article so we can discuss.