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1. A look at the updated CGEA Implementation Guide

2. This year’s WA Adult Literacy Council (WAALC) Conference

3. A new social media Community of Practice for LLN (Foundation Skills) Practitioners

4. Professional learning coming up in WA

5. Conferences in the next few months

Updated Implementation Guide for CGEA

The latest Certificates in General Education for Adults (CGEA) curriculum was accredited in 2013 and a free Implementation Guide is now available.

I found the new guide to be quite an improvement on the previous version. The focus is mainly on showing users how to integrate units in various ways so students get the chance to use authentic texts.  Case studies are used to demonstrate what the writers mean by this.

I liked the Case Study that showed how a class organised  a fund raiser morning tea as an official part of  the Cancer Council’s Australia’s Biggest Morning tea.

CGEA Imp Guide pic for Post

This offered a reasonably simple class activity that could provide assessment opportunities for a number of units.

Case study 3 is based on assessment activities for the Initial CGEA course based around the local library. The writers used this activity to show how to record the integrated mapping of four units focusing on Reading and Numeracy. There is also a recording sheet to allow evidence to be captured while watching a student interact with online information.  You will need to do some adaptation as the online resources suggested are Victorian. This year’s WAALC conference will have a session on how Western Australian libraries are now accessible 24/7 which will offer ideas on how to adapt the activity for higher level students.

I will be using the new Guide in this year’s Introduction to the CGEA Part 1 workshops for teachers new to CGEA.  But even if you are a more experienced user of the CGEA courses, you might want a quick browse through this Guide to see what it has to offer you.

Cheryl Wiltshire
Department of Training and Workforce Development

This year’s WA Adult Literacy Council (WAALC) Conference – preview

Our very own WAALC Conference is coming up in April. It is definitely time to register for this great WA event. Keynotes from:

  • Donna Carr who is working with Murdoch’s Aspirations and Pathways for University (MAP4U) with young people in the Rockingham, Kwinana and Peel regions
  • Michelle Circelli, Research Management Branch, NCVER and the 2013 Fulbright Professional Scholar in Vocational Education and Training

Lots of exciting sessions with practitioners from around the state and elsewhere – some key words and ideas from session descriptors in the Wordle wordcloud below will give you a “feel” for the conference

Wordle March Newsletter

For the program and detailed session information visit the Program Overview  and register online or download a form from the Registration Page


A new social media Community of Practice for LLN/Foundation Skills) Practitioners

As some of you will know I am involved as a Foundation Skills Champion with the National Foundation Skills Strategy Project. Our small Community of Practice made up of the Champions is working to extend our network to ALL Foundation Skills (LLN/Employability Skills) practitioners throughout Australia, so that we form a National Network (Community of Practice). This will give us wider opportunities to connect and share and a greater voice to participate in discussion. One of the strategies we are adopting is the use of social media for online networking. We are initially using Facebook and also Twitter.

PLEASE JOIN US – the more people who join and participate the more vibrant and sustainable our network will be!

FS Soc Network1

Through Facebook and Twitter we can:

  • Use posts and comments to discuss ideas and issues in Foundation Skills delivery
  • Seek feedback and reflect on activities
  • Share and find resources, links and information about Foundation Skills
  • Ask those “just-in-time” questions when we need help with ideas, activities, resources
  • Have real time discussions (using Twitter chats) on “hot topics” that can be archived for later access
  • Gain the experience to meet our students on their own “home” e-ground

If you are already on Facebook then visit and join the FS Teach Group: or type

If you are already on Twitter then follow me @JoHart and tweet me with the #tag #FSTeach

If you are not yet on Facebook and/or Twitter visit Online social networks for PD and networking or type for info on signing up to either or both and getting started.

Please also download our “Building on our Foundations” flyer and share with colleagues to encourage them to join.

Hope to “see” you on Facebook and Twitter very soon. 🙂



Professional Learning coming up in WA

Introduction to CGEA Part 1 workshop delayed

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the 11th March workshop, Introduction to CGEA Part 1 ,  is delayed.  The Semester 1 workshop will now be Wednesday 6th May 2015.  Semester 2 is still on Wednesday 12th August. More details and registration through the DTWD website.

Tracks to Two-Way Learning Induction

On Thursday 9 April and Friday 10 April 2015 at Statewide Services Resource and information Centre, 33 Giles Avenue, Padbury. This course is “An introduction to leading professional learning in Aboriginal English and Two-Way bidialectal education.” It is “relevant for educators working in all phases of schooling and training, including VET language and literacy teachers; and of benefit to people working in other systems and sectors who deal with Aboriginal clients.” The flyer has more details and the registration form

Teach Me Grammar 2015

A new program for Teach Me Grammar will start in July. If you are interested in Teach Me Grammar visit Teach Me Grammar Program 2015 to get more information and the application form.


Conferences in the next few months

NEXT WEEK Australian Workplace Practitioners’ Network (AWPN) Conference 2015 Refresh, Rebrand, Re-engage: Foundation Skills at Work to be held 18-20 March 2015

WA Adult Literacy Council 2015 State Conference at Central Institute of Technology on 16th and 17th April, 2015. The conference is titled Great Expectations: literacy, the individual and the economy.

The 25th biennial conference Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT) will be held 6–8 July 2015 in Adelaide, SA. The theme is “Mathematics: Learn, Lead, Link”

ACER Research Conference 2015 – Learning assessments: Designing the future. 16-18 August, Crown, Southbank, Melbourne
A conference to connect  teachers, education leaders and policy makers with the latest assessment research to inform teaching and learning.

ACAL National conference 2015 – Resilience, Risk, Preservation – held held at the Adelaide Zoo in  Adelaide on 24th and 25th September 2015.