Certificates in General Education for Adults Review

The Certificates in General Education for Adults are being reaccredited during 2012/2013. The reaccreditation will take into account any impact of the Foundation Skills Training Package, currently under development.

Phase 1 of the reaccreditation process focused on research and consultation with key stakeholders and was completed in June.

The project is now entering phase 2 which will involve the redevelopment of the curriculum. The reaccredited curriculum is scheduled for publication on the Training Support Network website in April 2013. A focus group was held in Melbourne on 9 August to consult on potential changes to the curriculum.

For more information contact the Curriculum Maintenance Manager (CMM) Service General Studies and Further Education at sicmm.generalstudies@vu.edu.au or by phone on 99195300/5302.

Watch the CGEA Network Google Group for opportunities to contribute to the Western Australian input.

One thought on “Certificates in General Education for Adults Review

  1. I would so like to have time to make some comments but am slightly suffering from feedback “burnout” at the moment having been very active in the Foundation Skills area. CGEA is just so big & because I deliver Certs I, II and III across all streams trying to address them all is just impossible for me at this time. Please, please everyone try and find some time for input so that we have a voice.

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